“Ingredients are finite but recipes go on forever. And every recipe is linked to a story. Beneath the surface of any recipe is a complex tale of history and family, of time and place…The story of your favorite foods is your culinary memoir, not a nameless collection of recipes. And that story will be part of the bigger story we all tell every time we turn on the gas and put on a pot to boil. It is the story of American food.”

Chef Edward Lee, Buttermilk Graffiti

Hello and thank you for visiting! Cooking, eating, and entertaining are my all-consuming obsessions. I’m unapologetic about aggressively feeding the people in my life (read: please do not show up at my house and say you aren’t hungry). My goal here at Stirs and Stripes is to celebrate global comfort food and refresh classic dishes in a way that is approachable, accessible, and achievable for every home cook.

The Story Behind Stirs and Stripes

Growing up my family didn’t strongly embrace a particular ancestral identity that would shape a culinary tradition, other than generally “being American.” I lived in both Connecticut and London as a child and fell in love with traveling and experiencing different cultures. In college I spent a semester studying in Scotland, only to find out over a decade later through genealogical research (nerd alert) that my ancestry can be directly traced not only to colonial America but the area in Scotland I had lived in college. In addition to Connecticut, England, and Scotland, I’ve also lived in Washington D.C., Tennessee, Virginia, and currently call home Pittsburgh, PA. I have a hard time staying still! All of these places, faces, and experiences influence how I approach cooking and what food means to me and my family.

After working for over a decade in the nonprofit sector (fun fact: I have an MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management from NYU) I realized that I loved food more than fundraising and made the possibly/probably insane decision to leave that career to pursue the unknown of the food world. I am SO grateful for your interest in my story and recipes, thank you for visiting!

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