The Season’s Freshest Scented Candles (Spring 2021)

Considering all the quarantining and stay-at-home-ing we’ve been doing for the past 1+ year, I would say a scented candle MIGHT be in order. From the smell of laundry detergent to deodorant and perfume, I’m extremely particular about the way things smell. I love a good scented candle, but finding the right candle to use when hosting or cooking (or just trying to erase everything about the past year) can be a challenge. You want your home to smell amazing and inviting, but not be a sensory overload that gives people a headache. There’s just nothing awesome about an overwhelming candle scent mixed with food smells.

If I’m baking or roasting something with a particularly strong scent, my rule of thumb is to avoid a scented candle entirely. I’ll place a diffuser or candle in the powder room or other social space, but avoid adding any additional scents into the mix in the kitchen and dining room.

I did some pretty extensive candle testing on spring inspired scented candles that create a bright, fresh, and inviting atmosphere without being cloyingly floral or over-the-top fruity. Some of these are my long-time go-to’s and others are new finds. Here are my top rated spring candles for overall scent and product quality.

My Favorite Brand: Not affiliated or sponsored, just a super fan girl!

Linnea (formerly Linnea’s Lights)

I literally can’t say anything bad about these candles. I have a number of Linnea’s products, from seasonal candles to room diffusers. Cashmere is my go-to, I have a reed diffuser in two bedrooms. All fall and winter I rocked Ember and Gather. My spring picks from this brand are:

Heirloom Tomato: This super unique smell is SO incredible. Especially coming out of winter, this scent will instantly make you think of standing in a garden soaking up the sun.

Sea Salt: Think of those beach waves and bright ocean air, with subtle pops of fruity and floral notes from citrus and kelp.

Runner Up: Fields For that fresh cut grass smell we all love but without the allergies or bugs.

Skandinavsk Hav: Notes are salt spray, sea kelp, hawthorn, and beach rose. It’s a beautiful mix of sea and floral, I love the unique blend between these two elements.

Voluspa Mokara. Notes are Mokara Orchid, White Lily, and Spring Moss. This scent is delicately floral with a fresh balance from the more earthy moss.

Here are a handful other recommendations if you’re placing the candle away from your cooking or dining area, these would make especially great choices for your powder room:

Leave me a comment to let me know your favorites or if you try any of these out!

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